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About the workshop

The workshop on Google Slides in Practice was created for people who want to use all the possibilities this tool offers in their daily work.
During the workshop you will learn advanced application functions that will not only speed up your work, but will also help you create aesthetic and eye-catching slide shows.
We will show you, among other things, how to plan a good presentation; insert animation, shapes and tables into your slide, and view your notes during a presentation. You will also learn how to use add-ons that extend the functionality of the app and combine Slides with Sheets, so that the data in your presentation is updated automatically.
You will have the opportunity to put all your new skills into practice – by completing tasks created for the workshop under the supervision of a trainer. You will practise how to use vital functionalities in a safe environment and gain confidence to use them in the future.

Online or offline

The workshop location is agreed individually

Practice sessions

Participants practise all tasks in Google Workspace apps

Confirmation of competence

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation

Number of participants:

Max. 15 people


3 hours


470€ net

Improve your team’s efficiency

Business owners
Team managers
Employees using Google Slides to present information (trainers, analysts, account managers)
People using Slides to create commercial offers

You will learn how to create presentations that keep your audience interested
You will increase your efficiency by learning less common features of Google Slides
You will learn to use graphic elements in your slides better
You will learn how to get more out of Google Slides with add-ons
You will master functions that allow you to create slideshows together in teams
You will integrate Presentations with Sheets and have your data update automatically

The wokshop is conducted by a certified Google Workspace trainer.
Completing the tasks in the practical part will allow you to solidify your new skills.
The workshop is conducted in small groups and the instructor devotes her attention to all the participants.
You will receive access to our internal knowledge base to help you consolidate the acquired information.

Daily work in Google Slides
Convenient collaboration when creating presentations in teams
Planning an effective presentation – what is worth paying special attention to
Themes as a way to accelerate work
View menu – guide lines and grid
The basics of graphics design: inserting and arranging elements
Animations in practice
Additional tools in Google Slides
Good practices – things to remember when creating a professional presentation
Use of speaker notes
Add-ons, i.e. extending the functionality of Google Slides
Sites in theory and in practice

Improve your team’s efficiency


Wiktoria Musiolik

Wiktoria works as a Google Workspace Consultant at FOTC. She conducts Google Workspace training in both small companies and large enterprises. She holds the Google Workspace: Deployment Services Specialist certificate, which attests to her knowledge. Wiktoria’s interests cover IT, chess and painting.

Klaudia Urbanowska

Klaudia’s passion is helping companies get the most out of cloud productivity tools. The Professional Google Workspace Administrator certification certifies that she has the knowledge and skills to help companies of all sizes implement, use, and manage Google Workspace tools. In her free time, Klaudia learns new languages ​​and explores the world of data engineering. She has two Maine Coon cats, which are her pride and joy.

What will you receive after the workshop?

Certificate of participation

You will receive a personal certificate confirming the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

Knowledge base

We will provide you with access to the e-book library and webinar recordings.

Support from our specialists

For 30 days after the training, we answer participants’ questions and offer our assistance.

What do our clients say about us?

The best ambassadors for FOTC are representatives of companies that we supported in the process of implementing solutions from the Google ecosystem. Here's what they say about us.

Rajmund Jasiński

Knowledge Manager at Leroy Merlin

We wanted to create a training process where each participant receives an individual learning path. Thanks to the commitment of the FOTC team, this goal was achieved. I especially appreciate their ability to discover and understand the needs of our organisation.

Piotr Pisarz

Co-Founder and CEO at Uncapped

Thanks to the collaboration with FOTC, we pay less for the same Google Cloud services and use a more convenient payment method. We can also rely on technical support, both for ad hoc requests and larger projects. Having such a partner, we can even more benefit from Google Cloud technologies and Google Workspace applications.

Bolesław Michalski

Bolesław Michalski

CMO & COO w Comixify

We had talks with other Google Cloud Partners before, but only FOTC turned out to be so ... persistent in understanding our needs. Both I, as the operational director and the technical director of Comixify, have established a thread of understanding with the partner in various areas important to us.


Improve your team’s efficiency


A lot depends on the purpose and form of training. We propose that the training at your company's headquarters be organized for a maximum of 20 people.

Depending on the size of the group, the purpose and form of the training, we advise dividing it into parallel workshop groups of 7-8 people (maximum 15 people).

First, we establish a program - only then we look for a training date convenient for both parties. We can complete online training within a week of agreeing the details. The date of stationary training depends on the place, scope and nature of the training.

If the client decides to take part in a workshop (stationary training, up to 15 people), participants should have laptops with them. In the case of larger groups, we provide lecture-style training - in this case, having computers is recommended, but not required.

Yes, during lecture training (over 15 people), and during workshops we work on test accounts.

Within 30 days from the date of training.

Up to a week - before the training, we must receive information from the company about the scope of the training and prepare appropriate workshop tasks.

Yes, even better (in the case of online training).