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We act as a guide to cloud technology and a facilitator who is always on the client's side.

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Google Cloud is building a network of partner companies on local markets to provide customers with proper advice and ongoing technical support.

With an experienced guide, you won't get lost among hundreds of development paths in the cloud. The FOTC team has been cultivating expertise and connections in close collaboration with Google Cloud since 2014 to provide you and thousands of other European companies with the best possible cloud experience.

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What do you gain by
working with a partner?

Cost optimisation

Partner does not charge comissions but offers discounts and helps with selecting optimal solutions.


We will show you how to configure protection systems for data and applications in the cloud.

Data migration

We can transfer emails, business files, and application components while keeping complete data privacy.

Change management

We will prepare a plan for implementation, training, and an internal informational campaign.


We will organize workshops to help your team achieve maximum productivity.

24/7 technical support

You can count on the immediate assistance of our support team at any time of the day or night.

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Evolution, not revolution

Want to learn the practical uses of Google Cloud services in business? Read the stories of companies that experienced measurable benefits from cooperation with FOTC.

'Out of Office' programme and training

The change management programme called ‘Out of Office’ was implemented simultaneously in all Leroy Merlin shops and the head office. It involved a gradual transition from the Microsoft environment to Google Workspace.

See case study
Leroy Merlin

A successful transition from Basic to Enterprise

In order to organise the content of accounts, define security rules and dispose of unnecessary applications at the same time, Freedom Nieruchomości started comprehensive change management with the help of FOTC.

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Freedom Nieruchomości

Cloud-first strategy at TechOcean

A team of engineers who create machines and electronics chose to work, communicate, and store files in the cloud to avoid investing in unnecessary infrastructure.

See case study

Migration from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace

While the specialists from FOTC took care of the migration of mailboxes, calendars, and documents to the cloud, the Miinto team could fully focus on working with current projects.

See case study

A fleet of Chromebooks in AmRest's restaurants

AmRest has equipped employees at hundreds of restaurants around the world with Chrome OS devices to manage equipment remotely through Chrome Enterprise licences.

See case study

Consistent Google Cloud Ecosystem

A work environment where employees' habits, established procedures, and the infrastructure create full synergy.

Take your first step on the journey to Google Cloud

1. Consultations

After completing the form, a certified specialist from FOTC will contact you. Together you will determine which cloud solution will be the best answer to the needs of your business.

2. Implementation

We will set up Google Cloud services so you can test out office productivity tools free for 30 days and/or receive a $500 voucher to spend on any Google Cloud services.

3. Ongoing support

Once the implementation and data migration is complete, we’ll begin the phase of ongoing support and training so that your business can realise the full potential of the Google Cloud with the help of experts.