Advanced infrastructure at your fingertips

Nearly 200 ready-to-use services that you can run on demand via an intuitive console. Virtual machines, containerised application environments, cloud databases, machine learning models, speech-to-text services and much, much more.

Instant scalability

Create and develop applications without the cost of maintaining your own data centre. Use powerful virtual machines, memory resources or GPUs and TPUs.

Match scope and scale to current requirements or let it adjust automatically – over years, as the product grows, and in seconds, in situations of increased or decreased load.

Up to twice as fast deployment processes

Maintain a high level of flexibility and agility with serverless services:

App Engine and Cloud Functions development platforms,

Cloud Run service for quick deployment of containerised applications,

Managed environment for running containerized applications, Google Kubernetes Engine.

Google Cloud
for industries

Every industry has its own challenges, difficulties and requirements. Along with Google Cloud services dedicated to specific market segments, we support organisations in solving problems or implementing innovative ideas.

Retail & e-commerce:

scaling in response to traffic,

relevant product recommendations,

customer support through AI.

Medicine & health care:

secure data storage,

geolocation data from Google Maps API

ready-made AI models.


global availability and maximum performance,

scalable multiplayer game servers,

real-time analysis.

Use the cloud with the assistance of certified professionals

Intelligent analytics in the cloud

Use analytics services to turn numbers into business results. Aggregate and analyse real-time data from multiple sources, present results in easy-to-read charts, engage machine learning models to indicate correlations or make predictions.

Ready-made machine learning and AI models

Use analytics services to turn numbers into business results. Aggregate and analyse real-time data from multiple sources, present results in easy-to-read charts, engage machine learning models to indicate correlations or make predictions.

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Data security is our priority

Thousands of hours invested by hundreds of specialists

Encryption at rest and in transit

Compliance with various regulations

High accessibility, low risk

Convenient access control


Google is a leader in cloud storage technology and cloud machine learning. GCP has the best infrastructure - it has one of the largest networks that was built with safety and convenience of users in mind. Pricing innovations like rightsizing and sustained-use discounts help deliver an average savings of 35% for many compute workloads. This makes GCP much cheaper in the long run than competing solutions.

Yes, having a Google account is a necessary condition for using Google Cloud Platform - it serves as your login to the GCP administration console.

There is no single fixed price for GCP services - fees are charged on a per-second and usage basis. Our 500 USD voucher will cover the initial costs of use, so you can safely test the service. No advance charges or long-term commitment is needed - you pay for what you use and as long as you like it. Ask our Google Cloud Architect for more details - contact us.

You can set budgets and spending limits in the administration console. Per-usage billing allows to conveniently scale your business - you don't pay for the time when your application does not work, and in periods of heavy use you always have enough cloud space. This payment model works similar to the electricity and telephone bills in your company.

Security is a basic business value that Google offers - that's why it has introduced a number of procedures that help control data security (including encryption, advanced authorization, access control, access logs, etc.) In addition, Google Cloud regularly undergoes security audits that check compliance with the standards: SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 Type II: SOC 1 SOC 2 SOC 3 public audit report ISO 27001 ISO 27001 ISO 27017. ISO 27018. PCI DSS v3.2

Your idea
+ our expertise

We support companies in migrating or constructing a cloud product and in using the services effectively at the lowest possible cost.

First steps on Google Cloud

Would you like to implement your idea in Google Cloud Platform? We will support you in selecting the right services and in building a Proof of Concept cloud infrastructure that will scale with your business.

Migration to Google Cloud Platform

We will walk you through each stage of the migration to the cloud: from a thorough analysis and goal setting, through the selection of infrastructure components, development and implementation of the plan, to process optimisation and staff education.

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Increase cloud adoption levels

Are you already using cloud services but want to increase application performance, accelerate development or reduce infrastructure maintenance costs? We can help you develop a cloud architecture reengineering plan and make sure it is implemented effectively.

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Cloud cost optimisation

Free credits

We give our customers a $500 voucher to use for any GCP services and provide financial support during the migration and PoC build process.

Use discounts

We reduce the cost of the most popular Google Cloud Platform services by up to 70% with Committed Use Discounts and Sustained Use Discounts.

Infrastructure audit

We suggest changes that reduce the cost of use without compromising quality or increase efficiency while keeping the bill at the same level.

Our Google Cloud certificates

Cloud Engineer

Associate Cloud Engineers handle application deployment, process monitoring and management of enterprise solutions in the Google Cloud environment.

Cloud Architect

With a deep understanding of cloud architecture and GCP, Professional Cloud Architect designs, develops and manages secure, scalable and dynamic solutions to meet business objectives.

Collaboration Engineer

Professional Colaboration Engineers transform business objectives into concrete configurations, security policies and practices related to users, content and integration.

Cloud Network Engineer

Professional Cloud Network Engineer must demonstrate experience and expertise in implementing and managing network architectures in Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Security Engineer

Professional Cloud Security Engineer allows organisations to design and implement secure infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform.

Learn about opinions on the cooperation with FOTC

The best supporters of our brand are representatives of companies we have assisted in the process of implementing solutions from the Google ecosystem. Read what they say.

Kamil Kik


The first licenses were implemented in direct collaboration with Google, but we later discovered that there were rebates and technical support associated with using the local partner's services. It is good to know that there is someone who can always offer support in Polish language, with new challenges related to the use of the service.

Wiktor Krzeszewski

Chairman of the Board TechOcean

FOTC was the first partner with good prices and technical support. There have never been any major problems with Google Workspace, but we could always call and ask about configuration issues.

Piotr Buszka

Co-Founder w feeCOMPASS

GCP services allow us stress-free scaling of the system, which also translates into business scalability. Thanks to the high availability of infrastructure and monitoring of service efficiency, we can in good conscience establish cooperation with large customers, who have high expectations.



Yes, it is. Google Cloud Platform offers several options for hosting a WordPress website, e.g., using the Compute Engine virtual machines service, the serverless App Engine platform, or the Google Kubernetes Engine container orchestration platform.

Google Compute Engine is one of the basic components of Google Cloud Platform. It’s an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service - it enables users to build many virtual machines that can take on some or all of the burden of computational processes in your company.

Google always strives not to remove previous functionalities when adding new functionalities. Stability is very important for large enterprises - Google takes this into account when planning the development of its services. All significant changes are communicated in advance.

Your data is always at your disposal. Google offers a set of tools (here) that will help you gather all the information from the cloud before you stop using it.

$500 voucher for Google Cloud Platform services

Get free access to all cloud services with the voucher. Test Google Cloud Platform yourself or with the support of FOTC certified professionals.

For every company

Anyone can use the credits – freelancer, startup, medium or large organisation. The only condition is to have a registered business.

Valid for one year

The voucher is valid for 12 months or until the promotional funds are used up. You can conveniently monitor your consumption level in the GCP console.

Any GCP services

You can use the credits for virtual machine power or cloud storage, as well as for BigData analytics services, an IoT platform or ML/AI models.

Check out Google Cloud Platform with free credits


In order to receive a voucher, you must have a registered business and sign a contract with FOTC.

You can use the free credits for any Google Cloud Platform services. The 500 USD voucher does not cover payments for other Google products - it is not possible to use it to pay for Google Maps Platform, Google Workspace, or Google Ads services.

You can’t use those credits at the same time. However, you can establish cooperation with FOTC and get a 500 USD voucher after using the credits from Google Cloud.

Once the agreement is signed, FOTC Cloud Architect creates a dedicated sub-account with 500 USD credits that appears in your GCP console. The administrator from your organization links the selected project to the billing account and you can use the voucher from then on.